One coat renders

for new build exteriors

Saint-Astier®’s range of rendering mortars for new build has been specifically designed to speed up application and completion. They are waterproofed but retain high breathability, good elasticity and low capillarity, water absorption and shrinkage.

Background & specifications
For concrete blocks and medium-low suction backgrounds, apply a one coat render. Using a pure NHL mortars mixed on-site is also an option. 

For other hard backgrounds, using a ready-mixed base coat mortar is recommended before applying any finishing like EcoMortar® Finish. 

On lightweight blocks with high suction (such as clay), our sprayable and coloured render DesignSprayable (Thermocromex®) is the more suitable solution.

They can be sprayed on or manually applied, though in the latter case, two coats will be required. When sprayed, they can be straightened immediately with a straight edge or a large spatula and the desired finish can be carried out within a few hours.

A 15 mm coat is sufficient for weather protection (12mm in low exposure areas). Sponge finishes or scratched finishes can be performed 2 to 3 hours after straightening.
For smooth finishes (using plastic floats) apply the first layer about 4 to 5 mm short of the total thickness required. A second and final layer of 4-5mm can be applied 2–3 hours later and floated an hour or so after that.

For very coarse finishes (harled or scratched) a thickness of about 20 mm is required and it can be sprayed in one layer. Coarse/rustic finishes of 20-25 mm are usually achieved in 2 layers. The second layer will be about 8-10 mm.

Colours & granulometries
They come in a range of colours  (see our Colour chart) which eliminates the need for painting.