Natural Limes producer & manufacturer

More than 100 years of expertise

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An independent family-owned company

Saint-Astier® is an independent, family-owned enterprise producing Natural Hydraulic Limes of excellence for over four generations. Its history is one of deep-rooted values, passion and know-how shared and carried on by a team of over 150 collaborators and technicians.

A unique quality of Saint-Astier® limestone

Since the beginning, Saint-Astier® has used its own quarry with a limestone deposit of over 350 hectares. This is an underground deposit, known as the ‘Cathedral of Limestone’, and which even at the depth of 200 meters, assures its constant and unique mineralogical quality

1 solution for 1 project

Saint-Astier® limes are used to conserve, restore and enhance all types of renovations from Historical Monuments, Listed Properties, to Vernacular and even modern architecture. Their intrinsic qualities, their consistency and regularity, and their ease of use all contribute to the success of any project from the simplest to the most ambitious.

Exceptional skills and know-how

Through their expertise and their passion, the collaborators here leave their mark with a total respect for Buildings and Generations. Saint-Astier® is involved in all the process from production, inception of the project to the final stage a. Each stage is subjected to rigorous quality control to meet the requirements of the building standards and our customers. Each project is accompanied by technical advices provided by a dedicated team issued from building ground, chemist engineers, stone specialists, demonstrators… With its unique skills and know-how, Saint-Astier® is an artisan, ‘Maître Chaufournier’ and an industry player able to provide a unique and specific solution to realize conservation, restoration, renovation and modern architectural projects.

Complying with worldwide standards