DesignSprayable - Thermocromex®

Technical data sheet

DesignSprayabale (Thermocromex®) is a ready mix, sprayable, rendering mortar based on formulated hydraulic limes from Saint-Astier® to be applied on multiple substrates and to achieve a timeless and perfect finish:
– Excellent waterproofing
– Low capillarity
– High breathability
– Elasticity
– Vibrant coloured finishes (discover the colour chart). Can be supplied to a custom colour with substantial savings in cost of painting and maintenance.

1.6/1.7 kg. per mm of thickness per m2.

Add between 4.5 and 5 (max) litres of clean water par bag of 25 kg.Mix for maximum 10 minutes.

On properly prepared background offering adequate keying, cast on or spray on a minimum of 10 mm in one pass for floated finishes or a minimum of 15 mm if a scratched finish is required. On waterproofed or smooth backgrounds spray or cast on a 1st bonding coat of about 3 mm adding 500 grams of SBR per bag of product. Straighten the work immediately after with an appropriate tool. Float (sponge, wooden or plastic) after 2-3 hours or more depending on weather conditions.
Do not work in temperatures below 5oC or above 30oC. Protect fresh mortar from rain, frost or strong drying wind. In hot weather, dampen the background adequately and cure the work by applying a light water mist several times for a period of 72 hours.
When Thermocromex is applied as a finishing coat on an existing backing coat, the maximum thickness for floated finishes is 5-6mm or 6-8mm for scratched finishes. Please refer to: Thermocromex application recommendations

Technical data DesignSprayable (Thermocromex®) Test std. CSTB & EN/BS 998.1
Dry Density (hardened product)
1450g.l +/100g/l
Meruc M 4
Elasticity moduli 28days
Between 4000 and 6000 MPa
Meruc E 3
Compressive strength 28 days
Between 4 and 6 N/mm2
Flexural strength 28days
Between 2 and 2,5 N/mm2
Meruc R 4
Water retention (on paste)
94% ( ±2%)
Meruc U 4
Vapour permeability
1.61.10-9kg/m2sPa (0.772 g x m2 x h x mmHg)
EN 1015-19
Between 1 and 2.5 g/dm2.min1/2
Meruc C 2
Thermal conductivity
0.54 W/m.K
EN 1745
Fire resistance
Class A (all uses)
TF 0 - 1.3 mm
F 0 - 1.8 mm
M 0 - 0.2.5 mm
G 0 - 4.0 mm