Saint-Astier® Chromalime colours

A specially selected range of 54 natural colours

Saint-Astier®’s ChromaLime Colours is a specially selected range of 54 natural colours to provide a complete and harmonious choice of colours for your building fabric.

The majority of these colours can be obtained with the standard colours from our ready-to-use ChromaLime Colours range and with our Limepaint washe in some cases.

Faithful and reliable colour reproductions

The colors and tones can sometimes vary slightly due to:

  • the product range and granulometry,
  • application conditions,
  • finishing aspects chosen (scratched, smooth, floated, etc…) will not provide the same colour.
  • Different color tones and shades are common between paper color charts and final finishes.

*Colours with an asterix have a light absorption coefficient higher than 0,7 and thus are beyond norms and standards. These colours will accentuate the differences and problems with certain efflorenescences and various the applied aspects. Furthermore darker colours accentuate thermal contrasts.