Jointing & pointing mortar

for slabs

Mixing ratios
NHL 5 or HL 5/sand 1 : 2.5
Use sharp concreting sand 6mm to 0.075mm for joints 6-10 mm wide.
Use fine sharp sand 1.18mm to 0.075mm for joints up to 6mm.
Avoid saturated sands.

Mix ingredients dry to achieve a uniform colour. Add the minimum amount of water; the mortar should be quite dry.

Dampen the joints of the slabs taking care not to wet the surface of the slabs. Brush mix into joints and compact with pointing key, clean all excess from slabs and lightly dampen joints with clean water several times over a period of approximately two hours depending on weather conditions.

Never lay on a frosted or exceedingly hot surface. Protect from extreme heat, freezing, excessive wind, strong direct sunlight and rain. Ambient temperature range should be 8°C – 30°C with low to average humidity.
Foot traffic should be avoided for 48 hours depending on the weather. Provide walkways with boards during and after placing to distribute any foot traffic/ loading.