Pre-mixed mortars

for construction, restoration and repair mortars

General information
EcoMortar® is a premixed product designed to provide all the benefits of traditional lime mortars in all sectors of today’s building industry.
EcoMortar® contains a natural water retainer and air entrainer to improve the curing process, reduce the effects of moisture loss and aid workability. Because EcoMortar® is made with properly graded sands it further reduces the need for contractors and specifiers to check local sands and aggregates for compliance. Well-graded sands such as those used in EcoMortar® reduce shrinkage, improve vapour transfer and workability.

The range of colours available is vast and pigmentation is finely controlled to an extent that will guarantee the same colour in successive batches. The dispersion of the pigments is very high to ensure that no colour streaks will appear. The use of a pre-coloured material eliminates the need for painting.

Eco-friendly characteristics
EcoMortar® offers the discerning builder extremely high vapour permeability ensuring that no moisture will be retained in the built structure. It also has a superior elasticity than cementitious products and greater natural workability. EcoMortar® can be worked for longer period than cementitious mixes and has the qualities of lime finishes: warm and aesthetically very pleasing with colour tones and effects similar to lime washes but far more durable.

Its main eco-friendly characteristics are:
– Produced with lower energy than cementitious mixes;
– CO2 re-absorption (between 30 and 40% of the binder content);
– Recyclability of masonry units;
– Reduction or elimination of condensation;
– Will not deteriorate timber;
– Absence of cement, VOC, GGBS, PFA, heavy metals or other potentially toxic materials.

Mechanical characteristics
– Workability
– Exceptional elasticity
– Good setting and hardening time
– Vapour permeability
– Low capillarity
– Low shrinkage
– Various degrees of waterproofing

The EcoMortar® range
This specific range is based on Saint-Astier® NHL 3.5 and NHL 2. It includes the following mortars:
1) Specialized solutions
– EcoM-Bedding
– EcoM-Pointing
– EcoM-Grouting (Coulinex®)
2) Base coats > These mortars allow cost effective interventions on a multitude of backgrounds including construction elements and other difficult backgrounds where normally lime mortars would be unsuitable.
– EcoM-BaseCoat
– EcoM-BasePlaster R50
– EcoM-StrongStipple R100

2) Finishing coats
– EcoM-Finish
– EcoM-FinishWP > the waterproofed performance is achieved by incorporating a naturally occurring component which furs the voids, impeding water penetration but allowing breathability (a 7-10 mm coat is sufficient to achieve the required effect)
– EcoM-Stucco (Decoliss®)

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with NHL 3.5 with NHL 2 Finish WP
Normal backgrounds/masonry units in high and moderate exposure areas
Weaker surfaces/masonry units in low exposure areas. Building mortar for lightweight blocks (>3.9N)
Used wherever waterproofing is deemed necessary as finishing coat in renders and pointing.

This range of granulometries allows all different kind of work, from ashlar work (2-3 mm joints) to larger building and joint work. Similarly, renders and plasters can be built up to achieve all types of finishes.

EcoMortar® is available in different granulometries. The maximum gain sizes are:
0.6 mm
0.8 mm
1.3 mm
1.8 mm
2.5 mm
BasePlaster and StrongStipple only
All excluding Finish WP
All excluding Finish WP, BasePlaster and StrongStipple

EcoMortar® BasePlaster R50 & StrongStipple R100
The base coat series presents great range of cost effective and easy solutions when working with difficult backgrounds and in the repair or refurbishment of existing renders/plasters and ornamental features. The builder has the possibility of going over surfaces that normally require a multitude of coats or treatments. It also allows an aesthetically pleasing finish with a coloured base coat or a mineral paint finish, adding waterproofing properties and obtaining the required texture. The mortars contain a natural resin that ensures great bond characteristics without impeding breathability. Combined with the absence of shrinkage this means that the R Series mortars are eminently suitable to be used also in low strength solid backgrounds.

In external uses, the mortars require a waterproofed coating with either EcoMortar® Finish WP or a suitable, breathable and mineral paint.

The EcoMortar® base coat series offers:
– a highly diminished time between coatings (a finishing coat can be applied after 2 to 4 hours);
– reduction of working time;
– possibility of resurfacing in part or totally existing renders/plasters without occurring costs, potential damage to the background and time normally associated with taking off existing mortars;
– possibility of unifying backgrounds with different materials;
– the absence of shrinkage allows even weak surfaces to be coated prior to receiving a finish;
– possibility of working with thin coatings > 4-5 mm of EcoMortar® BasePlaster (R50) are sufficient either to be painted or receive a thin finishing coat;
– good bonding characteristics to a multitude of building materials
– a choice of granulometries (UF)

Suitable background for the EcoMortar® base coats series

1) EcoMortar® BasePlaster R50
All other backgrounds, including plasterboards, timber elements, bricks, stones, construction blocks, non-waterproofed cement surfaces, gypsum plasters. On internal insulation panels, MDF, plywood, application is permitted. Externally it is important that the insulation panels or other materials are not affected by humidity (dew point forming within the panel) causing in time a deformation of the panel and consequent movement. Please check with the manufacturers of the panels.

2) EcoMortar® StrongStipple R100
Painted backgrounds (subject to paint being sound and well bonded), smooth concrete/cast concrete (free of demoulding oils), waterproofed surfaces, tiles, metal components (rust treated).