Natural lime mortars

in very exposed areas

Very exposed areas

Site mixed mortars
*NHL 5 mortars > 1 : 2 (binder/sand ratio)
NHL 5 has moderate free lime content (around 22%) and there is less risk of lime leaching if the mortar has had the time to achieve its matrix before being exposed to heavy rain. In pointing work, attention should be paid to moisture within the structure. Dampness will prolong the carbonation of the free lime content and therefore the time for the mortar to achieve the required strength and structure. The free lime can also go into solution and leach out.

*NHL 3.5 mortars > 1 : 2 (binder/sand ratio)
These can be used but will require some more time to achieve the required strength and structure.

Ready mixed mortars
*EcoMortar® Bedding for bedding

*EcoMortar® Finish for pointing

> The use of Ecomortar is similar to the NHL 3.5 mortar

Moderate and normal exposure areas

Site mixed mortars
NHL 5 or NHL 3.5 > 1 : 2.5 (binder/sand ratio)

Ready mixed mortars
*EcoMortar pointing F

/!\ Always use clean, well graded sands (0-3mm)


NHL 2 mortars > Generally, not recommended for this type of work in very exposed or moderately exposed areas unless applied between March and early September and protected against heavy rain exposure for several weeks.