Injection & grouting

with pure NHL

25kg bag + 29 litres of water
Capacity: 1.1 m3 x h
NHL 3.5
25kg bag + 29 litres of water
Pressure: 3.1 bar max.
25kg bag + 29 litres of water

Casein (1% in lime weight) or Superplasticizers (please ask Saint-Astier® technical department) to increase fluidity if so required. If casein is added the water addition can be reduced by between 25% and 50%. Obviously NHL 2 mixes are more fluid than NHL 3.5 or NHL 5.

Sand: fine (01/02max) WATER ADDITION
1bag + 40 lt. of sand (55kg.approx)

Enough to obtain a pastewith the required fluidity. Much less water is required if casein is added.
NHL 3.5
1bag + 40 lt. of sand (55kg. “” )
1bag + 50 lt. of sand (70kg. “” )

Casein addition is possible (see above).

Where open joints in the masonry show cavities, they should be marked as reference points. Point up open joints in masonry before grouting begins. Allow to settle and top up as necessary. Leave to cure for up to 3 or 4 weeks depending on the lime grout used before removing small areas of pointing to check the cavities are completely filled. Weep holes may be required to check the grout distribution.

The addition of casein will increase the compressive strength and the set whilst improving flow and reducing the water demand. Shrinkage, already low in NHL products and mortars, will be further reduced due to the lower water content of the grout.

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