Design Stipple - Prependuit®

Ready-mix render and plaster preparation mortar

Low absorption surfaces, including plasterboard and painted surfaces

Natural colour
Pale cream

1.8 kg x m
2 x mm of thickness

25 kg bags

Shelf life & guarantee
6 months from production date if protected in the original packaging and stored in dry conditions. Manufacturer Civil Responsibility.

Application recommendations

Can be applied manually or with a spray machine (10-20 bars).

On a clean, straight surface, apply a coat of maximum 5 mm. Press-in the glass fibre mesh* and float the area. On wooden boards or plasterboards the mesh can be stapled directly to the board. On stable surfaces offering good key and adequate suction, the application of a fibre mesh is not necessary.

*Mesh size: 10×10 mm. A mesh is recommended when applying on multi-material surfaces and where different materials join (for example plasterboard and window or door frames).

After adequate drying, apply the render/plaster main coat using either site-mixed lime mortar or ready-mixed mortar available from Saint-Astier® distributors.

Coloured fine finishes
> One coat renders can be applied directly on the Design Stipple – Prependuit® coat and brought to a finish. See the data sheets for: Design Sprayable (Thermocromex®)
Pure lime renders, pure NHL mixes or ready-mix renders from the EcoMortar® Range – the thickness of this coat will be determined by the finish required. For smooth finishes the thickness should not be over 5mm. For very smooth skimmed finishes apply with a steel float type TF (0-1.3mm) or the even finer type EF (0-0.8mm).
> To obtain a stucco/marmorino type finish, first apply the coat of Design Stipple (Prependuit®) and then a 2-3mm coat of EcoMortar® EF. When dry, use EcoMortar® Stucco (0-0.04mm stucco type Saint-Astier® mortar, see relevant data sheet). This can be finished to a polish by qualified craftsmen.

See also Exterior Finishes

The above details are given for general information purposes and do not constitute a specification.