Natural lime building mortars

for new bricks, concrete blocks and stone walls

Binders for site mixed mortars
> NHL 5 or NHL 3.5 mixed at 1: 2.5 (volume) with well graded, sharp sand (0-3mm).
> Hourdex® or Tradiblanc® mixed at 1 : 3 (volume) with sands as above. Hourdex® is a grey binder and is better used in building masonry units destined to be rendered. Tradiblanc® is white and therefore will reproduce the aggregates colour giving a warmer visual appearance.

Note: light weight blocks should be built with NHL 2 at 1 : 2.5 (volume).

Ready-mix mortars
The above mortars can be supplied in ready-mix form, in bags or big bags, from most Saint-Astier® distributors. When local sands are available, the traditional colours of building mortar will also be maintained in new build projects.