Background preparation

for interior finishes

EcoMortar® Base plaster R50 or EcoMortar® Strong Stipple R100 can be applied directly to a variety of backgrounds such as concrete blocks, plasterboard, wooden boards, cement plasters, bricks and tiles.

Finishing coat
A finishing coat such as EcoMortar ® Stucco (Decoliss®) or Saint-Astier ® LimePaint can then be applied. This final coat can be of fine or extra fine granulometry depending on the texture required.

A traditional lime plaster can also be applied, see One coat renders.

Lime paints
These are traditional lime washes to which 5% SBR has been added for longer life and less powdering. In new build or refurbishments, prepare the surface with EcoMortar® BasePlaster R50 or EcoMortar® StrongStipple R100, apply a lime undercoat and then the lime paint.

Polished finishes
Beautiful stucco and marmorino finishes can be quite easily obtained by applying EcoMortar® Stucco (Decoliss®) directly on the prepared surfaces.  

Traditional lime plasters are also suitable for new build. Painted or nude, they provide very attractive settings.

The requirements and materials of contemporary buildings differ greatly to those of old masonry but our range of preparatory products ensure beautiful, traditional-style finishes and effects even on surfaces that normally would not be suitable.