A family of high performance surface repair materials

Suitable for:  Sandstone, Limestone, Marble, Granite, Brick, Terracotta and Cast Masonry.

See Also:  ST.ONE ® Datasheet     Stone Repair User Guidelines     Health and Safety Information

The mechanisms for masonry decay are varied, from environmental through acidic rain and particulate pollution, to natural weathering and physical damage. The need for surface repair of masonry is undeniable. Surface repairs are as old as buildings themselves. The Romans revered Greek architecture and conserved and restored Greek and other ancient civilisations' buildings and temples, along with their own. The practice ofr surface repair could easily be described as dentistry for buildings, where the management of decay is undertaken with the minimum of intervention to retain as much as possible of the important historic fabric of buildings for as long as is practicable.

Surface repair products must have characteristics that are compatible with the background materials and the range and diversity of masonry types used throughout history for construction, requires a flexible, adaptable range of products and properties. Vapour permeability, compressive strength, impact resistance, capillarity, and perhaps at least from a client's perspective, excellent colour matching. Introduced and in constant use in the UK since 1997 and on continental Europe for considerably longer; Our stone repair products have gradually developed in scope and complexity to the extent that these materials have now been used on 4 continents and on major, prominent buildings.

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ST.ONE ® repairs benefit the building and add value for contractors and clients alike; reconstruction restoration of details such as the above example of a lintel and decorative plaque, illustrate the value of surface repair, non structural rehabilitation of an important element of the building's design without unnecessary wholesale removal and replacement of otherwise structurally perfectly good stone.

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Great repairs require great matching, great materials and great skills and when everything comes together, great results are achievable.. Masons Mortar Ltd have a sophisticated colour matching facility capable of meeting virtually every colour matching requirement. In addition, through a series of specialist appointed stockists, local vernacular masonry types are matched and made available in easy to mix and use sizes of - and full bag (25KG) units with not less than 80 off the shelf colours. The range of textures and variation of finishes achievable are almost unlimited. Specialist training in the use of all stone repair products and a full certification programme are being rolled out during 2013.

See Also:  ST.ONE ® Datasheet     Stone Repair User Guidelines     Health and Safety Information

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