St. Astier clay blocks construction mortars.

Clay blocks construction is extremely versatile and efficient. Its energy saving characteristics combined with the build quality and speed are such that building with clay blocks has become a prominent method in most European countries.

From very large projects to house extensions, the easiness of build and the thermal and acoustic results have proven to have significant advantages over other construction methods.

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St. Astier limes have produced a series of mortars for this type of construction.

They have been designed to suit the mechanical characteristics of the blocks so as to provide mortars that will be easily and safely applied, with excellent durability. These mortars are conforming with EN/BS 998.1 and 998.2 and carry the relevant CE mark.

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POSE BRIQUE Pre mixed mortar for thin joints construction. HOURDEX A binder to be mixed with local sands for:
Bedding mortar for the BioBric and BGV range.
Bedding and building mortar for Thermobric G7.
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THERMOCROMEX A one coat ready mixed mortar for external renders or internal plasters with exceptional elasticity and breathability properties. Work can be completed quickly.
COLOR CHAUSABLE A ready mixed mortar for 2 coat work.The second coat can be pigmented to obtain the same range of colours as Thermocromex.
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