New build - St. Astier Limes and mortars for cavity walls and stone construction.

St Astier Natural Hydraulic Limes (NHL)

Building walls with lime based mortars especially formulated for high elasticity and workability, good breathability and low capillarity is the way to provide a better living environment. Furthermore the visual aspect of these mortars add a warmer feeling to the building.

Examples of Cavity Wall Construction

In solid or lightweight cement block construction, bedded in cement mortars, virtually no air passes through the wall. Hard cement renders and modern interior plasters also do not allow any breathing, consequently any moisture is accumulated with the risk of condensation and damp.

By building with clay blocks and breathable renders/plasters, these problems are eliminated, however conditions can be improved if the cement units are build with mortars that will allow circulation of air. This also applies to cavity walls with brick outer skin when built with lime based mortars.

There are various solutions using St. Astier products such as:

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