Health and Safety Recommendations for Uniprotect Surface Protection from St Astier

See Also: Uniprotect Data Sheet

Product and Manufacturer Identification

Chemical nature of the product

Acrylic dispersion diluted in water

Physical properties






Characteristcally Feeble

Dangerous components:


Principal danger:

No danger symbols

First Aid:

Inhalation: Take subject into the fresh air, check that the person does not feel cold. Irregular respiration: apply artificial respiration and call a doctor.

Contact with skin: wash with clean water and soap. Do not use solvents.

Contact with eyes: Wash with clean water (15 minutes). Call a doctor if irritation persists.

Ingestion: Call a doctor. Make person rest. Do not induce vomit.


UNIPROTECT is not combustible in normal circumstances.
In case of fire, extinguish with alcohol resistant foam, CO2, powders
Do not use water mist.
If ignited a black smoke will be produced that can be a health risk. Proper masks should be used in its proximity to avoid inhalation.
In case of fire cool down the containers with water.

Measures to be taken in case of accidental spillage

Do not dispose in water drains.
Collect with absorbent materials (sand, soil,vermiculite) and place in appropriate containers for disposal as chemical waste.
Avoid inhalation by wearing a mask.


Store containers vertically.
Seal open containers immediately after use.
Keep containers away from oxidising substances or highly alkaline or acid materials.
Protect containers from excessive heat and direct strong sun.

Working environment

Work in ventilated areas.
In closed areas it might be necessary to use extractors.

Individual protection

Respiratory ways: wear a mask with a 02 filter for gas and particles
Hands: wear PVA gloves
Eyes: wear appropriate protective glasses.

Main safety data

Fusion point: Not applicable
Boiling point: 101oC
Ignition point: Lower 2 Volt - Higher 12Volt
pH: 9.5

Transport information

Land transport: ADR/RID and GGVS/GGVE
Sea transport: IMDG/GGVS
Air transport: ICAO-TI and IATA-DGB

EU Symbols

Phrase R: Not Applicable
Phrase S:

S23 do not inhale vapours

S38 in case of insufficient ventilation wear an appropriate respiratory mask


The recommendations in this document are based on our kowledge as it stands today and are given in good faith.

Under no circumstance the information can be considered as a quality guarantee.

The User attention is drawn to the eventual risks caused by the utilisation of a product for different purposes from the ones for which the product has been envisaged. It is the responsibility of the User to adopt the appropiate safety measures and to apply all regulations current at the time of use. The prescriptions contained in this document are given to help the User to fulfill its obligations. The precautions listed cannot be considered as exhaustive.

See Also: Uniprotect Data Sheet

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