St. Astier One Coat renders and plasters

St Astier Natural Hydraulic Limes (NHL)

Based on St. Astier natural hydraulic limes, these products are visually pleasant, durable, water resistant and cost effective.
They are all available in a variety of colours. Our COLOUR CHART is by no means exhaustive and custom colours can be supplied to order.

Application - External renders

Manual or sprayed, on dampened backgrounds, they are straightened immediately after with little effort and finished the same day (plastic floats, sponge, scraped finishes).

The application thickness varies, depending on the exposure area and the finish required as follows (see also Exterior finishes)

Exposed areas: minimum 15mm for floated or sponged finishes. 18-20mm for scratched finishes.

Moderate and light exposure areas: 10mm or 15mm for scratched finishes.

Interior Plasters

Plaster directly on bricks or blocks. When working on different joint surfaces use a mesh at the joints. Background preparation with Decofond or Prependuit might be necessary.
See also Interior finishes.


density 1650/1750 kg. x m3 Suitable for concrete blocks, bricks, boards (with PREPENDUIT primer), smooth surfaces (with SBR addition). Not suitable for light weight blocks.

density 1450kg./m3 Suitable for all surfaces INCLUDING light weight blocks.

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