Interior Finishing and Backgorund preparation

Prependuit and Decofond

Concrete blocks, plasterboards, wooden boards, cement plasters, bricks, tiles etc. can be prepared with PREPENDUIT applied DIRECTLY to the background to obtain a surface to which a finishing coat/s is applied (normally a coloured finish with Color Chausable in its medium, fine or extra fine granulometry), depending on the texture required. A traditional lime plaster can also be applied on Prependuit. See ONE COAT USER GUIDE

On the same surfaces DECOFOND is used as a preparation coat for lime washes or fine coat finishes (for example stucco and marmorino). These can be applied directly on DECOFOND.

Prependuit on different backgrounds
Applying Prependuit on different backgrounds
(plasterboards+smooth cement+timber board)
Prependuit on deep chases
Prependuit on chases.
Deep chases should be partially filed (max. 20mm at the time)
Finished Chase Area
Chase area, finished
Prependuit Detail Finish
Prependuit detail
Plastering on tiles
Plastering directly on tiles
First Coat on tiles
Smooth Plaster on tiles: 1st coat
Prependuit, 2nd coat, Colour chausable F
smooth finish with Col. Chausable EF.

Lime Paints

These are traditional lime washes to which 5% SBR has been added for longer life and less powdering. In new build or on refurbishing these are best applied on a lime undercoat applied directly on the surface prepared with DECOFOND.
Lime Paints interior

Polished finishes

Stucco, marmorino finishes are beautiful finishes, easily obtained with DECOLISS on a background prepared with DECOFOND. If a straightening coat is required use a NHL 3.5 at 1:3 with fine aggregates (not more than 1mm) or EcoMortar F before applying DECOLISS.

Marmarino on plasterboard
A marmorino on plasterboard + Decofond+ Decoliss
(no intermediate coat)
Polished stucco on Decofond
Polished stucco on Decofond.
Traditional lime plasters are achievable also in new build. Once completed, they provide a very attractive setting whether painted or not.

The requirements and building materials of contemporary building are however different from the past but by using the St. Astier preparation products it is possible to achieve the traditional style finishes and effects even on surfaces that would normally not be suitable.

Finished interior
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