PREPENDUIT Ready mix renders and plasters preparation mortar

St Astier Natural Hydraulic Limes (NHL)

Backgrounds: most types, including plasterboard and painted surfaces and surfaces of different materials.

Natural colour: pale cream.

Consumption: 1.8 kg x m2 x mm of thickness

Packing: 35 kg. bags

Shelf life: 6 months in sealed original bag, stored in dry conditions.

Application recommendations

Water addition: 7 to 8 litres per bag of 35 kg.
Can be applied manually or with a spraying machine (10-20 bars).

On a clean, straight surface, apply a coat of max. 5 mm. Press-in the glass fibre mesh* and float the area. On wooden boards or plasterboards the mesh can be stapled directly to the board.
On stable surfaces offering a good key and adequate suction, the application of a fibre mesh is not necessary.

* Mesh size : 10 x 10 mm. The mesh is recommended when applying on surfaces with different materials and where different materials join (plasterboard and doors/window frames etc...).

After adequate drying, apply the render/plaster main coat using either site mixed lime mortars or other ready mixed mortars available from St. Astier distributors. One coat renders can be applied directly on the Prependuit coat and brought to a finish.
See the Data sheets for: Monostastier and Thermocromex.

Coloured finishes:

Use Ecomortar on NHL mortars main coats or Color Chausable in all other cases. If a coloured One Coat render has been used, this will also be the finishing coat. The thickness of this coat is dictated by the finish required. For smooth finishes the thickness should not be over 5mm.

For very smooth skimmed finishes with a steel float apply type TF (0-1.3mm) or, if using Color Chausable, the even finer type EF (0-0.8mm).

Stucco/marmorino type finishes: on the Prependuit coat, apply a 2-3mm. coat of Col. Chausable EF(0-08mm). When dry, use Decoliss (0-0.04mm stucco type St. Astier mortar, see relevant data sheet). This can be finished to a polish by qualified craftsmen.

See Also: Exterior Finishes

The above details are given for general information purposes and do not constitute a specification.

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