POSE BRIQUES MORTAR - formulated for Masonry Clay Block Construction

Ready mixed mortar for thin joint construction with Bouyer Leroux clay blocks.

This is a proprietary mortar for the Bouyer Leroux BioBric and BGV ranges.

Composition: hydraulic binders, silica sands, water retainer, resin and setting control agent.

Packing: 25kg bags
Storage: keep dry
Shelf life: 8-12 months if properly stored.

Bulk density: 1350g per litre
Granulometry: <1mm
pH: 12.5
Water retention: 93%
Bonding strength: 0.5MPa
Compressive strength (28 days): M 10 (EN/BS 998.1)

Mixing: In adequate container with already some water in it, add the mortar and whisk (slowly to start with). Keep adding water and whisking until a paste consistency is achieved. Total water addition about 40% (10 litres per 25 kg. bag).

Consumption per 25kg bag Biobric 37.5 8.6m2
  Biobric 30 11m2
  B G V 16.6m2

Application: use specially designed mortar rollers

NOTE: once mixed, use within 15 minutes.

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