EcoMortar Premixed Repair Mortars R100 and R50 (BS EN 998.1 Class CS III)

St Astier Natural Hydraulic Limes (NHL)

Non shrinkable ready mix mortars for repairing or restoring cement renders, plasters and refurbishment work on composite backgrounds

Ecomortar R products are highly suitable for repair or recoating of cement mortars, gypsum plasters and composite backgrounds where different materials are present (plasterboards, timber, concrete etc...). Ecomortar R will provide a unifying coat ready for a finishing coat, white or coloured, such as Ecomortar WP externally or traditional Ecomortar and other St. Astier NHL lime mortars internally.

Ecofriendly characteristics:
- High vapour exchange qualities
- Produced with lower energy than cementitious mixes
- Re-absorption of CO2 in curing
- Will not deteriorate timber
- Possibility of recycling the materials used in building
- Elimination of painted finishes

Mechanical characteristics R100 and R 50

Dry Density
Shrinkage mm.m
Thermal conductivity
λ = 0.76
Vapour diffusion
Resistance µ = 0.13
Compressive strength
(Flexural strength)
N.mm2 28 days 4-5 (1.66)
Elasticity Moduli
6-8000 MPa
Water retention
Permeability to vapour
Gr. Air x m2 x hour 0.71
Capillarity g.m2.min-1/2
R100 0.8
R 50 1.0
Bonding strength
>1 MPa
2-4 hours
Fire class A1

Packing: 25 kg. Bags
Preparation: in ordinary drum mixers or with a mortar wisk (mix for about 5 minutes). Do NOT over saturate the mortar. The mortar is workable for up to 4 hours, depending on weather conditions
Water addition: 5,5 to 6 liters per 25 kg bag.
Consumption: 1.7kg per mm of thickness per m2.
Shelf life: 12 months if kept in dry storage conditions. Re-seal partly used bags.
Granulometries: type UF 0-0.6mm. Type TF (0-1.3mm) can also be supplied.

Application on clean and dry backgrounds where loose or friable parts have been removed:
R100: Painted backgrounds (subject to paint being sound and well bonded), smooth concrete/cast concrete (free of demoulding oils), waterproofed surfaces, tiles, metal components (rust treated).
R 50: all other backgrounds, including plasterboards, timber elements, bricks, stones,construction blocks, non waterproofed cement surfaces, gypsum plasters. On internal insulation panels, MDF, plywood, the application is permitted. Externally it is important that the insulation panels or other materials are not affected by humidity (dew point forming within the panel) causing in time a deformation of the panel and consequent movement. Please check with the manufacturers of the panels.

On COMPOSITE BACKGROUNDS: dress joints between different materials. Dub out, if necessary using Ecomortar R or, for large areas, NHL 3.5 mortar. If working on an NHL 3.5 dubbing out mortar, wait 1 week before applying Ecomortar R. Apply a 1st coat of about 3mm, bed in a fibreglass mesh. Apply a 2nd coat of 2-3mm.

Waterproofing: in exterior applications, R100 and R50 require an effective waterproofing finish with Ecomortar WP (5mm minimum), available in a vast range of colours.
Alternatively it can be coated with. Lime paint containing Uniprotect
Precautions: do not apply in temperatures below 8oC or over 30oC. Protect work from adverse weather conditions until the finishing coat is applied and fully cured. In hot weather, cure with light water mist for the first 48 hours. Observe current health and safety regulations.

This document is for information only and does not constitute a specification.
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