Natural Lime Mortar for Bedding and pointing stone and brick masonry

Lime Mortar for Bedding and Pointing

St. Astier Natural lime mortars are eminently suitable for Bedding and Pointing Masonry Work in both Brick and Stone. Pointing with natural lime mortars will not stain the adjacent surfaces which are cleaned are easily.

Natural Lime Mortar Products

    Premixed Natural Hydraulic Lime Mortar for Building, Rendering and Finishing in a variety of Colours.
  • NHL 2 (Terechaux)
    Feebly Hydraulic Lime Mortar that can be prepared in Cement Mixers and applied conventionally or with a Spray gun.
  • NHL 3.5 (Chaux LC Pure)
    For mixing to a Moderately Hydraulic Lime Mortar which can be Mixed in a Cement Mixer and is also Suitable for Application with a Spraygun.
  • NHL 5
    Mixes to an Eminently Hydraulic Lime Mortar and can be used in Spray Guns

Application and Working Practices

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